Friday, September 04, 2009

i-Semantics 2009 in Graz (Day 03)

The second day of i-Semantics ended with party and dancing to live music performed by 'Egon 7', and of course with a lot of interesting talks with interesting and nice people :) This morning at breakfast, Jörg really looked as if he had not really had got enough sleep (he continued to party after the official ending somewhere downtown :)

Peter Kropsch (Austrian Press Agency): When technologies are drivers, integrated concepts are needed for success,
talking about scenarios of future media convergence, the development of the information technologies and the possibilities opened up by them, esp. about the expectations of APA what to get out of semantic technologies. In general, keynotes without some slides (to get hold of the information structure of this 60 minutes talking) are rather difficult to follow, if the speaker is not able to awake sufficient enthusiasm in the audiences...

The Role of Semantic Technologies in Future Internet Track,
Klaus Tochtermann (Know-Center, TU Graz): The Role of Semantic Technologies in the Future Internet
explained, why the vision of the future internet is not only 'old wine in some new bottles'. Although all the components that consttute the Future Internet (Content, Services, Security, People, etc.) is already around, the main contribution of FI is the integrated view and interaction of thes components.

Marco Pistore (FBK): Highlights of the Future Internet Conference Berlin
In parallel to i-Know/i-Semantics in Berlin the 2nd Future Internet Symposium took place...

Jan Reichelt (Mendeley): Mendeley - A for Research?
Mendeley wants to help researchers to manage their resources. Research is inherently social. Mendeley offers a desktop tool, similar to audioscrobbler that (a) analyzes your search papers and enables full-text search and (2) smart metadata extraction and generation. The mendeley web service offers an online backup of your own research library and enables on-click import from google scholar and other citation services.
Interesting stuff...I have just registered and download my desktop client for Mac OSX...

Paolo Rosso (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia): Geographical Information Retrieval and Toponym Disambiguation
Geographical filtering of information retrieval results by expanding query strings with semantically related geographical information ( that stuff!).