Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Challenge! Playing WhoKnows? to develop a new Teflon Pan

Some of you already may know our --serious-- fun game WhoKnows? (N. Ludwig, J. Waitelonis, M. Knuth, H. Sack: WhoKnows? - Evaluating Linked Data Heuristics with a Quiz that Cleans Up DBpedia) that has been presented inter alia at this year's ESWC 2011 (cf. picture from poster session).

WhoKnows? is a quiz game based on the DBpedia dataset; while answering the quickies the player produces data that can be used for the ranking of facts from the underlying knowledge base. Furthermore, the player has the possibility to mark strange questions often originating from inconsistencies that we want to identify this way.

Now, as a next step we want to apply the collected data for the development of an expert finder and user interest profile recommendation system. For this we would appreciate a larger data set that allows us to rate the expertise of several users in various domains. If you like to contribute this research, you can do this easily by playing WhoKnows? on Facebook. In order to make a sound statement about your expertise, we need at least about thirty questions answered and of course the more the better.

Of course all gathered data will be anonymized before analysis and evaluation.

Don't forget it's really fun and educational together!
Your help really is appreciated. Thank you for playing!

P.S. We would be pleased to inform you about the final results, if you are interested in. Just send us an e-mail.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Mediaglobe - the Digital Archive

Der neue Teaser-Trailer für unser Projekt 'Mediaglobe - The Digital Archive' ist online. Weitere Infos über das semantische Videosuchmaschinenprojekt unter der Mediaglobe Projekt-Webseite oder über unsere Semantic Technologies Webseite am HPI.