Wednesday, November 24, 2010

'Who knows?' - A Semantic Web Game

Please support our research by playing our Semantic Web Game 'Who Knows'!

What is 'Who Knows?'
'Who Knows?' is a simple Q&A Game in the style of 'Who wants to be a Millionaire'. The questions are automatically generated from DBpedia content.

What is the purpose of 'Who Knows?'
The purpose is the evaluation of some heuristics that are used to determine a ranking of facts within a knowledge base such as e.g. DBpedia.

These are the simple assumptions 'Who Knows?' is based on:
  1. If a user knows the correct answer, the fact seems to be 'important'.
  2. If a user doesn't know the correct answer, the fact seems to be not so 'important'.
  3. If a user votes the question to be wrong, odd, or strange, the fact seems to be 'irrelevant'.
There a different variants to play the game:
  1. One-on-One questions -- only one choice is correct.
  2. N-to-One questions -- there are multiple correct answers.
  3. Hangman -- find the answer by playing the popular game of hangman.
  4. Maths -- find the answer and compute a simple arithmetic formula.
Meanwhile you will receive points for correct answers. The faster you provide the answer, the more points you will get. If you provide the wrong answer, you'll loose a life and some points will be taken from your score.

Try to score as many points as possible and don't forget to tell your friends!!!!