Thursday, September 03, 2009

I-Semantics 2009 in Graz (Day 02)

The first day of i-Semantics ended with a guided tour through the old section of the town (that we already had enjoyed the day before), and a welcoming party located in the Kunsthaus Graz. The Kunsthaus Graz has some extraordinary architecture and reminds me more of some strange submarine lifeform than of a building. Unfortunately we had to leave earlier to prepare our talk for today....

The second day of i-semantics 2009 started in a very conveniant way - again great espresso, fresh fruits, and nice talking.

Linked Data Track
Harald Sack (HPI): How can Software Developers benefit from Linked Data Vocabulary,
Well, the title is misleading somehow. Of course software developers do benefit from the use of linked data, but.....the problem is the feasibility of APIs and automated tools for mapping knowledge representations to object-oriented data structures. I had to deliver the talk (instead of Matthias, who actually was the main contributor, but is STIL on vacations) and I'm afraid that I have overstressed my audience with lots of software engineering details (bad for an introductory first talk of a session on linked data...).

Jörg Waitelonis (HPI): How to augment Video Search with Linked Data,
Jörg introduced and its connection to the Linked Open Data cloud, featuring our 'exploratory search' widget, suggesting additional search results to the user and providing seredipenditios findings.

Atif Latif (Know-Center, TU Graz): The Linked Data Value Chain: A Lightweight Model for Business Engineers
First, Atif stated significant differences between the aims of the scientific community and enterprise level business. He introduced the concept of Linked Data Value Chain, where the most valuable output consists out of an increase of the (code/data) readability for the human engineer, thus also serving the same duty as Matthias work in making semantic web software engineering very, very simple. So.....let's make Semantic web a No-Brainer (finally) ;-)

I had to skip parts of the afternoon sessions (Poster/Short-Paper and Student Sessions) due to interesting talks and reviewing work (deadline today...unfortunately). But I'm looking forward to more interesting contacts, lots of delicious espresso, maybe again some cake and pastries, and then of course the Gala Diner in the evening...

The Gala Diner startet with an interesting performance of Austrian cultural heritage. In particular, we listened to a musical performance of 4 original "Wurzelhorns" (Wurzelhorn is a variation of the well known Alphorn).