Monday, January 22, 2007

SOFSEM 2007 - Day 2

The second day of SOFSEM started with a keynote of Bertrand Meyer (maybe you remember Eiffel...) from ETH Zürich on 'Automatic Testing of Object-Oriented Software'. To enable automated testing, he referred the concept of 'contracts' being directly embedded in the classes of the Eiffel programming language. With a contract you are able to specify the software's expected behaviour (preconditions, postconditions, and invariants). which can be monitored during execution. In automated software testing, contracts may serve as test oracles that decide, whether a test case has passed or failed. He presented 'Auto Test' unit testing framework, which is using Eiffel contracts as test oracles. Auto Test is able to exercise all classes by generating objects and routine arguments. Also manual testing can be embedded as well as regression testing for failed test cases, which is implemented in a 'minimized' form by retaining only the relevant instructions.

For the rest of the second day contributed (refereed) paper presentations are scheduled. I will have to chair the first session of the 'emerging web technologies' track, which will be on XML technology. If there (or in any other session I attend) will be anything of interest, you will read it right here ... :)
So...Joe Tekli from the Université de Bourgogne presented a 'Hybrid Approach on XML-Similarity', which combined structural similarity of XML-Documents with 'semantic' arguments, i.e. tag names of different XML-documents are compared with the help of WordNet to compute some similarity measure. Quite an interesting application that can be build on, esp. regarding the semantic similarity aspect. But nevertheless, maybe we can use it for our MPEG-7 based video search system (OSOTIS).