Tuesday, April 18, 2006

hey...what a crowd

Summer semester started today...right at 8 a.m. with the Semantic Web seminar. And what should I tell ya...what a crowd...I was looking into the more or less sleepy faces of three students. Shouldn't you think, the semantic web isn't something interesting??
I wonder, where all the computer science students do their seminars.....databases, I guess. It's so much more related to "practical" work and yes, it's so interesting to find the 27th normal form in fuzzy object quadrupels...not to mention that, if you really choose to become a database "expert", you will spend your entire life creating, maintaining, and programming databases of a certain (within here never to be mentioned) distributor (...a three letter word...pssst). Life could be so exciting....
O.K....there's always something good about bad things...at least I don't have to get up too early this semester. We will do the seminar "en block" at the end of the semester. Have a nice life :)