Wednesday, April 26, 2006

hey...what a crowd (part 2)

On monday I gave my first lecture on webtechologies for this semester. In difference to the semantic web seminar the lecture room really was crowded. I guess there were about 30 students - computer science majors and minors also as bioinformatics. Of course its much more fun if there are a lot of students in the least if I'm going to pretend that they are there because my lecture is somehow interesting for them. on the other hand, the semester takes 14 weeks....but there will be at most 11 lectures because of holidays and because of the semester was starting at tuesday. I guess, I have to talk even faster than usual :)
But there is also good news for the semantic web seminar. We have 6 students now enlisted for talks and there will be at least 11 talks (including those given by Heiko and myself).

BTW, there has been report on a new way to determine Google's index size. You simply try to find the most popular search keyword and examine the number of page hits. For the english article 'a' there are almost 25 billion hits....this means that there are 25 billion pages in Google's index containing the word 'a' (which includes at least every english web document).