Tuesday, May 01, 2007

veni, vidi, emi ... according to Google

Two weeks ago, Google bought Double Click for an incredible amount of money. But for what reason, you might ask....well, to become the dominant internet advertiser. But that is too simple and too short-sighted, as pointed out last week by the German newspaper 'Die Zeit'. According to an article of Götz Hamann, everybody who is worrying about Google to become No. 1 internet advertiser is as short-sighted as this famous Gaulic chief 2000 years ago complaining about Julius Caesar having defeated the entire Gaul. But, Julius Caesar's primary ambition was not only to conquer Gaul, but to become the leader (cesar) of the Roman world empire. And the Google managers .... they also have something else in mind than just becoming the dominant internet advertiser.
They want to preveil their rules in the global advertising market....against the tv networks and also against the newspapers. In relation to the attention that the newspapers get, they receive way too much advertising. This is because of the brokers distributing advertising for the big corporations. These brokers are one of the reasons, why Google is not able to grow as fast as it possibly could. Thus, Google will continue to buy...and who knows, what company will be next....
Alas, and again we will hear: veni, vidi, emi....

(I came, I saw, and I bought..... freely adapted from H.C. aka Gaius Julius Caesar)

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