Monday, June 23, 2014

Harald's Original Miscellany - The Truth about Football

The England National football team, 1893, photo: wikipedia
Well, it's the time of the Worldcup 2014. Why should I bother you with the peculiarities of authors and writers, when we can also have a look on Football! As you might remember, we had about 15,328 individuals in Wikipedia classified as authors [1]. What do you think, how many footballers are there compared to authors? Well there's a huge difference: 162,597 referenced footballer players, i.e. about 10 times as much as authors [2]. Maybe you think now there might be an overlap. How many football players are also listed as authors? I am sorry to disappoint you, but there is no overlap. No football player is also listed as being an author.

Fact No. 1: Footballers are no authors, and vice versa.

So you might wonder, what other categories these football players are in to get a better overview about what we are talking about. Interestingly, when looking at the most popular categories, you will soon find the large number of expatriates among those players. The Top5 expatriate nationalities among football players are: Brazil, Argentina, Russia, France, Serbia [3]. If you look at the bottom of the list, you will find the more or less exotic combinations, such as e.g. Hungarian expatriates in Uzbekistan, or Cameroonian expatriates in Venezuela, or even German expatriates in the Netherlands ;-)

Fact No. 2: Only a few Hungarian football players emigrate to Uzbekistan.

And in which countries they prefer to emigrate? The Top5 countries for football players to emigrate are: England, Germany, Spain, Italy, France [4]. At least for France the statistics seems to be balanced somehow, while England and Germany are the leading nations to attract foreign football players all around the world. Very interesting also the bottom of the list, where as the "least attractive" countries Gambia, Guam, Nepal, or Antigua and Barbuda are listed.

Fact No.3: French football players seem to be undecided whether to stay or leave the country.

But what about the categories that do not have a direct relationship to football in the first place? Let's filter out these categories and let's have a look on what football players are up to.

alternative professions of football players #players 279 271 250 237 234 234 134 73 64 56 55 54 51 51 43 33 32 28 28 27 26 26 25 25 25 25 23 23 21 21 20 18 18 16 16 16 16 16 16 15 15 15 15 14 14 14 13 13 12 12
Please find the entire list in the references [5].

Fact No. 4: There are more intellectuals among football players than bad persons.

Wow, 237 football players are also categorized as being intellectuals, while 23 football players are listed as "bad persons". But, in this statistics, we will also find 21 writers(!) among the football players, as well as 15 artists, 14 journalists, and 13 criminals.
Further down the list, you will also find
  • 12 politicians, 
  • 8 identical twins, 
  • 8(!) head of state, 
  • 7 musicians, 
  • 4 comedians (I'll bet there are more...), 
  • 4 scientists, 
  • 3 singers, 
  • 2 mammals,
  • 2 Gentleman Cricketeers,
  • 2 gambling addicts,
  • 2 aviators,
  • 2 painters,
  • 1 UFO conspiracy theorists,
  • 1 bank robber,
  • 1 rapper,
  • 1 plumber,


So what does this tell us about football players?

Fact No. 5: There are more politicians among football players than comedians.

Well, in general, and according to Wikipedia, football players most times stick to their original profession. While emigrating here and there sometimes, there are only a few among them who actually have a second career outside of their original profession. Please note that we did not follow categories like football manager, football trainer, football coach, etc. Anyway, we finally did find also some authors among them....

Fact No. 6: There are writers among the football players...although they are not listed as authors.

to be continued....

Please find the full tables with all the results listed here in the References:

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