Friday, April 11, 2008

Alive and Kicking... Google 2084

Yep...after several months of abstinence, I'm back, finally.
During the last few months, a lot has happened, in science, in business, and also in private. Thus, there is a lot to talk about and a lot of forthcoming posts. Probably the most complex thing during the last months was to handle two large EU-FP7 proposals as being one of the proposal's core partners, with writing, discussing, conferencing, travelling, conferencing, discussing, and writing again, etc....
Also in my genuine research areas a lot has happened. You might be looking forward to several blog posts on information retrieval, semantic web, semantic search, multimedia retrieval, web of trust, e-Learning, and many more.

Today I just wanted to show you a funny 'screenshot' of what might Google look like in 2084.

Ok. The image is not really new. Actually it was published by Randy Siegel back in 2005. You might also find it in the New York Times. The question is not, if Google would be capable to offer these services, but rather when. Anyway, I guess theese services could be offered much earlier......and (at least) also with a much better user interface.