Saturday, March 17, 2007

It's CeBIT time again ... Day 1

Friday, my first day on CeBIT computer fair. This year, we (Osotis) have a booth at the joint exhibition of 'Mitteldeutschland' in hall 09 - the hall of research and future. Next to us are the other EXIST-SEED funded projects of the FSU Jena -- MobiSoft (watch out for Steffen's Blog, esp. for his pictures) and Navimatrix. On the other hand - my second employer is also present in hall 09 - the Hasso-Plattner-Institute of the University of Potsdam at the joint exhibition of 'Berlin-Brandenburg' with the projects Lock-Keeper (a hardware firewalling system), TeleTask (a simple tele lecturing system), and Tele Lab (a laboratory for security techniques). I will write about the most interesting projects of hall 09 in the upcoming posts.

Yesterday, we had a lot of trouble to keep our system running. But today, Jörg (fortunately) managed to solve the major problems. Thus, I tried to upload a few more videos (including a lot of Berkeley public lectures). If you read this blog, please register at Osotis, because we need a lot of users to keep the system working!

As usual, CeBIT would be half as interesting without it's after business parties. Almost in each of the more than 20 halls there were several parties going on (many including live music, all including free drinks, some including free food...). It's the most difficult task during the day to find out, where and what is going on after business, where to go for 'dinner', for some drinks, and for to listening the best music.