Sunday, October 15, 2006

Semantic Web - Semester Start on Monday, October 16th

Why is the semester break always so short...?? Okay, we almost had 3 months of 'vacation' (our so called 'vacation' means 'time for REAL work, i.e. doing research, writing papers, visiting other researchers, attending conferences and workshops, writing applications for research grants, trying to cover up new research cooperations, etc...). This semester, I will give a lecture on 'Semantic Web'. So, this time lecturing will be great fun, because of the close connection to one of my most important research topic. As usual all lectures will be recorded and annotated (for content based search). You may participate via live streaming (Mondays, 12.15pm - 1.45pm) or have a look into the video archive. I'm looking forward to meeting about 15 students, who have already signed up for attending the lecture. The lecture will cover the following subjects:
  • The limits of the current WWW
  • The vision of the Semantic Web
  • Languages of the Semantic Web
    • XML / RDF / RDFS / OWL / SPARQL / SWRL /...
  • Ontologies
    • Philisophy / Computer Science / Ontology Design
    • Description Logics / Inference Systems / Frameworks
    • Folksonomies
    • Ontology Engineering (Alignment / Merging / ...)
  • Semantic Web Applications
Heiko Peter will supervise the lab courses and -- if we are lucky -- there will be some of the students who will take over a thesis (Studienarbeit / Diplomarbeit) related to Semantic Web technologies.