Monday, September 11, 2006

InetBib 2006 in Münster

On wednesday, September 6th, I visited InetBib 2006 (a conference on libraries and the internet) in Münster. Together with Steffen Büffel and Michael Schaarwächter I was contributing to the workshop Web2.0- Technologien: Zukunft der Bibliothek - Bibliothek der Zukunft ("the future of libraries" and "the library of the future"). From my point of view (as a computer scientist) libraries and Web 2.0 in combination constitute a rather interesting subject. Decentralization of information, active interaction with and involvment of the users, esp. w.r.t. providing keywords and tags for the library index (catalog), blogs and wikis as new (living) web based library information systems are only a few of all those rather promissing approaches. I have collected a few links on articles and further resources about InetBib 2006: