Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Men and Flipflops....

Summer seems to take a little break - at least the temperatures are below the 30s - and immediately you start to miss it. Have you noticed that most people don't seem to realize that the temperatures have dropped. They seem to pretend we're still in the tropics...at least considering their style of clothing.
Yesterday I had a student in oral examination wearing only a tight muscle-shirt...you could really see the sweat of anxiety being cooled down by the air condition dripping from his naked skin...I wonder what will be next to be seen, if the temperatures start to rise again. Bare chest, bare foot, or even.....I don't want to imagine?!
But, this reminds me of the "flipflop dilemma". Yes, men in flipflops...not those flipflops made of transistors being basic electronic components. For decades those electronic flipflops were the only flipflops to be associated with the male (geek). Not at all ... I'm talking about those bathing shoes called flipflops. The have their name because of the sound they produce while walking. Yesterday I read a flaming article about men and flipflops in spiegel online. Nice quote: "Shoes that are able to say their name, being worn by men that are not able to spell the word style...". Don't get me wrong. Of course you can wear whatever you like, but please consider the occasion!
During the last weeks really it was rather hot. But the office is air conditioned (you will freeze) and an examination is an examination...and not a seaside holiday pool game.


Pietro Speroni di Fenizio said...

Hmm... what's your position respect to men wearing Birkenstock in the office?



hs said...

Hi Pietro...
according to men in Birkenstock you have to be very careful to make any statement.....simply because there are so many of them here at our faculty :-)
Anyway....as long as they don't smell I don't have any arguments against Birkenstocks in oral examinations :)